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Some short system remarks for your enjoyment and a better performance of our Web Site. We do not offer any "NOFRAMES" version. So we highly recommend to use at least Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 or Netscape Navigator 3.0! For those of you still using older versions we're offering Links to download the latest version.

We try keeping our site as fast and as effective as possible. Therefore we try to avoid bigsized and striking images. If you don't use ISDN or comparible, we hereby advise to change to a faster system (you really get more fun out of it). Basically it's hard to design pages fitting to everyone, different browsers with different versions, different connects, different modems, different graphic cards and monitors do end always in different results. So please understand that we hereby recommend aftwards mentioned properties.

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Our site is best viewed with following properties
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher
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You like to listen songs online without spending hours on download, in best stereo quality? We tell you how it works!

You simply need a Real Audio & Video Player. Check out our Link to the Download Page of Progressive Networks Inc. If you haven't installed this Player yet, get there immediate and download the latest Real Player Version (right now Version 5.0). The file's size is about 700Kb.

Why Real Audio & Video?

It's simple, we're using their Server system to keep you free of downloading tons of MBs. So you're in advantage of to listen to and to check out complete songs in a second. Due to the optimized way of compression and buffering you're able to listen to proper Stereo sound with 4kHz up to near-CD quality with 16kHz. Not just 20-30sec cuts, you're able to test and check out complete songs.

Your modem and your phone line, it means the speed of your connection / bandwidth you're in the web, defines which quality you're able to listen to the samples. If you're using e.g. an ISDN-line or comparible your're in position to listen to songs with a minimum of 8 kHz in Stereo, Dual ISDN (channel bundeling) will give you the feeling of Stereo sound with 16kHz.