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Check out these amazing new albums currently pushed through our promotion pipeline. You should find all important information about the record, the band, the label. Any queries or any interest in doing an interview with the band? Don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Hot albums

KARACHOOS FEST DER TOTEN - 2. Dia De Los Muertos in Stuttgart 2012

"2. Dia De Los Muertos in Stuttgart 2012"


MANOWAR - The Lord Of Steel

"The Lord Of Steel"


THERION - Les Fleurs du Mal

"Les Fleurs du Mal"




For all history fanatics we still offer all product details like momentary promoted and pushed records. So still the biography, all details about the record, picture downloads or one Real Audio song taken from the album is available for your benefit.

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GEMINI FIVE - "Babylon Rockets" (CD)
GIANTS CAUSEWAY - "Destination:insecure" (CD)
GIVE ME NOISE FESTIVAL - "Festival (Chapel Stauferpark Göppingen)" (Event)
HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE - "The August Engine" (CD)
HEAVENWOOD - "Redemption" (CD)
HEAVENWOOD - "Abyss Masterpiece" (CD)
HELFENSTEIN FESTVAL - "Helfenstein Festival 2010" (Festival)
HELLDORADOS - "Signing News" (News)
HELLFUELED - "Volume One" (CD)
HELLRIDE - "Making out with fire" (CD)
HELLRIDE - ".and then the earth moved..." (CD)
HOLYHELL - "Apocalypse" (EP)
HOLYHELL - "HolyHell" (CD)
HYPOCRITE - "Edge Of Existence" (CD)
IMPIOUS - "Evilized" (CD)
IN FLAMES - "Rockstar Energy Drink TASTE OF CHAOS Featuring Rockstar Energy Drink TASTE OF CHAOS" (Tour)
INSANIA (Stockholm) - "Sunrise In Riverland" (CD)
INSANIA (Stockholm) - "Fantasy" (CD)
Iris Bernotat - "Promotion für Konzerte (Seminar)" (Seminar)
JESUS ON EXTASY - "Holy Beauty" (CD)
JOE STUMP - "The Essential Shred Guitar Collection" (CD)
KAMELOT - "Ghost Opera" (CD)
KARACHOO - "Wölfe" (EP)
KARACHOOS FEST DER TOTEN - "1. Dia De Los Muertos Party 2011" (Event)
KNOCK OUT Festival - "KNOCK OUT Festival 2008" (Festival)
KORODED - "The Absurd Beauty of Being Alone" (CD)
KORODED - "The Absurd Beauty Of Being Alone" (CD)
KRASHKARMA - "Straight To The Blood" (CD)
KRISIUN - "Live Armageddon" (DVD)
KRUNCH - "We’re back…but we’re evil – The almost complete Krunch, but more..." (CD)
LACRIMOSA - "Live" (2CD)
LACRIMOSA - "Alleine zu zweit" (CDS)
LACRIMOSA - "Elodia" (CD)
LACRIMOSA - "Sehnsucht" (CD)
LEAVES EYES - "Into Your Light" (CDS)
LEAVES EYES - "Lovelorn" (CD)
LEFT HAND SOLUTION - "Light Shines Black" (CD)
LITHIUM - "Cold" (CD)
LOBOTOMY - "Holy Shit" (MCD)
LORD BELIAL - "Angelgrinder" (CD)
Los LOS - "Vamos A La Playa" (MCD)
Los LOS - "Macarena" (CDS)
Los LOS - "Viva los LOS!" (CD)
LOUDNESS - "Racing" (CD)
LOVE LIKE BLOOD - "Snakekiller" (CD)
LOVE LIKE BLOOD - "The Love Like Blood E.P." (MCD)
LOVE LIKE BLOOD - "Chronology of a love-affair" (CD)
LOVE LIKE BLOOD - "Enslaved + Condemned" (CD)
LOVE LIKE BLOOD - "Das wars… Thats's it…" (Event)
LYCOSIA - "Lycosia" (CD)