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KOMÖDIA - The melodious singing, almost constantly sung in duet by Sandra Schleret and Martina Hombacher, supported by precisely striking arranged guitars, is dominating the music. The complexly structured songs are formed by the musical and emotional interaction between the five musicians: Michael Knoflach (bass), Stefan Menges (keyboard), Romed Astner (drums), Andreas Wildauer (guitar) and the mastermind Christian Marx (guitar).

Categorising - an intensely annoying subject for every band - Dreams Of Sanity play contemporary metal, i.e. the history of music has not failed to leave its mark on them. Their music shows traces of heavy and doom metal as well as eighties' pop and instrumental music of the seventies, but is also strongly influenced by classical music. The result of this composition of different music styles can simply be seen as the "end of century metal".