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Dreams of Sanity was formed as a band in 1991 in Innsbruck (Austria) just consisting of drums, guitar and bass. The basic idea was to make a different sound than the rest of the local underground scene which was more into Black Metal these days, so they called themselves "Dreams of a Non-Sick Mind" and created music, that they considered as heavy metal, or as melodic doom metal.
Their roots goes back in the 80's pop (mainly stuff they heard in the radio the time they grew up), the late 80's heavy metal like Iron Maiden, Helloween, King Diamond and Queensrÿche, musicals and instrumental music like made by Mike Oldfield. The day their music evolved and became more and more complicated they had to expand the lineup with two guitars and a keyboard, but still a singer was mssing. They asked about everyone they met, but they found no male singer, so they tried a female one, and got stuck with it…
First Christian Marx did the backing vocals, but as they became too complicated they took the next step: a second singer. In 1994 their first demo tape has been recorded (one of the songs "Dead" can be heard on the Japan edition of Komödia) that did not really get much attention. In 1996 they placed 2 songs (Komödia part 1 and 2) on a sampler which got the band the "Lacrimosa Prize" and later the record deal with "Hall of Sermon".
In the end of that year they went on the "Dark Winter Nights"-Tour with Lacrimosa, The Gathering, Sentenced and D-Age and in January 1997 they recorded "Komödia".

Now some line-up 'troubles' appeared. The band had to split from Martina and Romed due to some personally and musically differences. Later Stefan left the band too. So they were quite busy finding new musicians, rehearsing and trying to establish the band again, and not just as a bunch of people playing their instruments. At first they tried to find a second singer to replace Martina, but suddenly they realized that Sandra's voice alone adds more emotion than a second singer ever could. So they decided to explore this way. Those who have seen the band on one of their concerts, know that this decision had been the right one.

The new album is called "Masquerade", and of course is a concept album. This time the story winds around the Phantom of the Opera. They recorded the title-song of the musical as a cover version.