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The group of artists around singer Sandra Schleret and songwriter Christian Marx, following their remarkable debut, have now become a fully-fledged band and, with "Masquerade", present a delightful and masterful concept album.

If their first album "Komödia" revealed a certain kinship with the Musical, then DREAMS OF SANITY have now gone the whole way, immersing themselves completely in the dark and shady world of the despised - the Phantom of the Opera...

It all began with the novel "Phantom of the Opera" by Gaston Leroux. This was followed by countless movies and the world famous Musical by Charles Hart and Andrew Lloyd Webber. While most of these were beautifully designed productions faithfully retelling the events of the story, only a few of them managed to take a closer look behind the mask and to get anywhere near the personality of the principal characters, the phantom Eric and the dancer Christine. The question naturally arose as to the extent one must mask one’s own personality and adapt in order to be able to survive in life.

Based on the events described in the novel, in a sensitive close-up view of his personality, the band drew a many-sided examination of the motives of the main character suffering from inner turmoil. The musical interpretation in the delicate compositions of songwriter Christian Marx employs a powerful language, which gathers even more intense and decorative through the graphic arrangements and the virtuosity of the band’s own pianist Frédéric Heil. Words are hardly needed for the incomparably expressive voice of Sandra Schleret. This language thus extends from the excitement of "Masquerade 1" into the "Masquerade - Interlude", the phantom’s birth, coming ultimately to a climax in the inscrutable, yet beautiful "Masquerade 4".

As a further examination of the subject and to get closer to the musical level of the story, DREAMS OF SANITY took the title song from Hart/Webber’s Musical, translating it into their own language. In contrast to the original recordings, the phantom was to indicate the fragile and dark inner turmoil of the character in his voice. For this role they found in Tilo Wolff (LACRIMOSA) an expressive singer who, in the duet with Sandra Schleret, gives the dialogue between Eric and Christine a unique and almost magical dimension.