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A rock opera in three acts

With "Elodia", LACRIMOSA have dedicated their sixth album to a demigoddess inspired by Greek mythology, who has been a member of the LACRIMOSA family since their "Inferno" album from the year ’95. As the mistress over love and death she now tells the tale of a love that is doomed to fail, culminating in the question of whether love in excess can become a force that ultimately has the power to destroy itself, whether too much love will kill...

The concept album "Elodia", in which several choirs were involved as well as the LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA (Soundtrack to the Hollywood trilogy "Star Wars"), was recorded in the ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS in London (PINK FLOYD, BEATLES) and the IMPULS STUDIOS in Hamburg (LOVE LIKE BLOOD, PYOGENESIS). Over a period of 14 months, no less than 187 musicians worked on the creation of a rock opera which presents an incomparable spectrum of musical diversity. In addition to a detailed and transparent production, "Elodia" is most of all characterised by the powerful expression of its story and lyrics and their interpretation in the unique and passionately singing by Tilo Wolff and Anne Nurmi.

The first act opens with the overpowering "Am Ende der Stille" (At the end of silence), and describes the slow disruption of a love overwhelmed by harmony. The summing up in the dialogue entitled "Alleine zu zweit" (Together alone) results in the emotional discharge of the intensely powerful "Halt mich" (Hold me), a desperate attempt to breathe new life into the past, to regain what has been lost. The sensitive rendering of the English sung "The turning point" recounts these days that have been lost in a mood of intimacy and leads finally to the inevitable events of the second act.

This describes almost indulgently the emotional separation that is being experienced in the touching "Ich verlasse heut’ Dein Herz" (I take leave today of your heart), followed by the act of separation itself, which takes place on different levels in the somewhat mysterious "Dich zu töten fiel mir schwer" (Killing you was hard).

In the course of the next fourteen minutes, the sounds of "Sanctus" (Holy), a requiem, with a musical intensity of which no words can describe, announce the third and final act. "Am Ende stehen wir zwei" (At the end, there are the two of us) tells of a farewell full of hope, ending the opera accompanied by the mournful wailing of a singing saw...

Lyrics, music and production by Tilo Wolff, except "The turning point", lyrics by Anne Nurmi, music by Anne Nurmi and Tilo Wolff.

Line-Up - Tilo Wolff: Voice, Piano - Anne Nurmi: Voice, Keyboards - AC: Drums - Jay P.: Lead Guitar, Bass - Sascha Gerbig: Rhythm Guitar - Gottfried Koch: Acoustic Guitar. Guests - The London Symphony Orchestra, the Rosenberg Ensemble and musicians of the Hamburg State-Opera.