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Once about a time a diabolical angel spread his blood red wings to the black horizon of the dark metal scene to conquer the hearts by storm. This time was in 2002 when the BLOODFLOWERZ put their debut album “Diabolic Angel” on a mission to set the country on fire, the country which keeps searching for new musical and lyrical ejections eternally. And this angel did well. Successful touring with Anathema, Subway to Sally or Crematory as well as playing festivals such as Mera Luna and Summer Breeze, to name just a few, left red hot traces. Nearly one year later the BLOODFLOWERZ jumped into an infernal mix of deadly sins and chivalry. The FLOWERZ’ 2nd strike “7 Benedictions / 7 Maledictions“ made the fire in the fan’s hearts burn even stronger. Apparently conflicting things crashing into each other to unite in an emotional embracement, this is what their music is all about and what made them a constant issue in the shops as well as on stage.

Two years of black silence came covering the BLOODFLOWERZ. Thinking they were fading away or gone already was simply wrong. Between ordinary plagues like degree dissertations, personal strokes of fate and individual search for the sense of life changes took place. Kirsten Zahn (voc) and Tim Schwarz (dr), the two blooms of the FLOWERZ got rid of old leaves and useless thorns. So they used the time and silence to find the power for a burning new album. In months and years in private song by song grew. “It never was a question of splitting. But we were not sure, if we can find the right musicians - real “Bloodflowerz” - to join the band. Treating the songs the wrong way would make them fade away.” But you can tell by a look into Kirsten’s eyes that “Dark Love Poems” is a harmonic unification of sensual singing, driving drums, emotional guitars and a groovy bass. “Jochen Laser (guit) and Jan Beckmann (b) easily fill the lack. With heart and rhythm they could top up the songs a very special way.”
With passion stronger than ever, a new line up and a fantastic new album the BLOODFLOWERZ are back on the scene to once again enchant the world. “Dark Love Poems” is a message to drag along hungry hearts. A manifest which gives a powerful voice to the great emotions with its very own comprehension of Gothic, Rock’n’Roll, Metal and Pop.

With a dark heartbeat and bright devotion the BLOODFLOWERZ walk the edge between the extremes of musical and emotional passion. “Real art is a bleeding, pulsing piece of the artist’s soul,” states Kirsten to describe the power and the motivation for a record like this. “Dark Love Poems” is of no compromises. Merciless, honest and relentlessly these poems find their way into your deepest inner. Showing bleeding wounds, angry and desperate tears, destroying hopes just to uncover a bright light this album takes you on a rollercoaster ride through emotions which push you to the ground. It soaks you in and spits you out again just to give you a big hug full of love and mercy.

“Dark Love Poems” enchants you with hypnotic melodies, heartbreaking confessions full of grief, dreamy ballads and smashing discoveries of human cruelty.
Heavy minded tracks like “Illusionary Fields” are being answered by easy songs like “Healing Hearts” or the dreamy harmonies of “Dark Angel”. An importing thing creating these songs was to find an extraordinary background to the lyrical emotions. Therefore not only modern or traditional keyboard sounds have been used but also the human and warm character of classical instruments played live. The hypnotizing sound of a shawm in “Anthem for a Stranger” puts a spell on the listener. Whereas the singing violin in “The Fool And The King” marks the sadness of its poetic expression.
Eleven tracks with an atmospheric spell created by Alex Krull and topped up by Timo Würz’s fantastic artwork and extraordinary pix by Spooky Sally make “Dark Love Poems” a very special and deep going record with an attitude