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"A Moment Of Singularity"

The story of a new, glooming dark star...
German ASTERIUS is not the kind of band that reached a record deal without knowing what's behind "making music". Their story begins in 1997 as a hopeful and "different" Gothic Black Metal-act, that wanted to free itself from any narrow-clichéful scene. Only in 1999 the time felt right for the band to enter Sub-zero studios to record their first demo cd "As Descendants Of Stars...".
The rumor spreads, the ball starts rolling. It was indeed a fresh breath of air, an unexpected offer to all Metal Maniacs around the world, that even lead to enthusiasm in the press! In all relevant german mags (like Hammer-demo of the month or Legacy-13/15 points) as well as in benelux (Aardschock-90/100 points) this band gained the attention, it deserved from the beginning on.

The music of ASTERIUS should lead away from the limitations of the scene: And this special experience first is provided through the two (!) singers, that are contributing different parts to the songs; Whether blasting growling from guitarist and singer Sirius or the clear, powerful and hovering voice of singer Andrash - (even in the vein of Maiden's Bruce!): a wholly fascinating mixture, that stays, despite the complex structures, easily in your memory...the grabbing, contrastful music and the world-open, philosophical themes become a thematical unity.

Live you can also experience the common pleasure, the feeling of ASTERIUS, as being a band with a common aim. They were for example one of the few unsigned bands to play twice at the Wave Gotik Treffen 2000 and 2002 in Leipzig, amongst acclaimed "relevants" like Samael, Opeth and Borknagar, or on the southern german Summer Breeze Festival 2001 with Moonspell and others. Their first german club tour 2002 together with friends Disillusion, and several international festivals in 2003 from italy (Badiarocks) to Austria (Skeleton Bash) proved their musical direction immensely.

Early 2003 ASTERIUS was finally ready to enter the studio again. And again, Sub-Zero was chosen, in which bassist and mastermind Arctur worked hard with Studio-owner Ecki to terminate this masterpiece in time, that takes the band one big step further with such everlastin' tracks like "Frozen Zodiac" or the closin' majestic "The One Perspective". Last, but not least, mastering took place at Mastersound Studios, where Alex Krull of Atrocity-fame, gave the ultimate touches to the Asterial sound.

Guided by the unlimited power of Stars, with "A Moment Of Singularity" they deliver an album that like a modern Epic Odissey travels through the inner conscience of Man.
Like skilled skaters on thin ice, they are able to move from passionate and reflexive moments to furious and tight flashes of exploding Energy! Their uninterrupted research for the Moment of Singularity touches the chords of emotions, with the high involvement that these five musicians show.

They successfully created nine Moments of Singularity which we can call songs.
You have been forewarned, this is the time of ASTERIUS.
...await the things that’ll surely come...

Recorded and mixed by Arctur and Ecki Erlenbusch at Sub Zero Studios
Mastered by Alex Krull at Mastersound Studios