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GIANTS CAUSEWAY started in 1991. Since this time, they added heavy guitars to their mystic and dreamful music of Gothic Wave. In the first three years of their existence, they soon focused the attention of the Dark Wave audience to them because of numerous concerts with act like Forthcoming Fire, Still Patient and Arts And Decay. After a time Stefan Helb quit the band and was replaced by two guitarists, Heiko Wallauer and Erich Lutz, which still part of the current line-up. The femal vocalist and flute player Barbara Rippe completed the line-up, so the atmosphere of the songs became even more intense and powerful. At this time many great acts like Drowning Maud Land, Secret Discovery and Blessing In Disguise came up in the German Dark Wave and Gothic scene and released their first albums. So it was a question of time until GIANTS CAUSEWAY get their contract. Massacre Records started their new sub-label SwanLake where GIANTS CAUSEWAY released their debut album "ls There Any Way". The band was involved in the Wave and in the Gothic Metal scene, so they played gigs and festival shows with different acts like Crematory or London After Midnight.

With their second album "New Light" GIANTS CAUSEWAY refined their sound. The vocals of Barbara were rnore included in the songs, even the Metal aspect became more influence. In 1997 drummer Jörsch left the band and was replaced by Andreas Neuderth, some times later the vocalist Barbara left as well, being replaced by Karolin Hafke, who influenced the band in many areas. The band started to work on new songs and signed a new deal with Serenades Records.