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"Babylon Rockets"

4 Wild Boys, Banging On Toys, They Got Paid To Making Noise....
Right from the start, it is obvious that GEMINI FIVE are a real rock band. Though hailing from Scandinavia, they have a unique ear for American glam-slam rock 'n' roll. Looking in from the outside, they have managed to produce a sound more authentically rock 'n' roll than any band from L.A. could in the 21st century.
Long-time childhood friends Tin Star and Slim Pete absorbed their early musical influences (bands like MOTLEY CRUE, KISS and SEX PISTOLS) spending many a day after school soaking up the sounds from their hard won vinyl collection.
BABYLON ROCKETS is the debut album from Swedish glam-slam rock 'n' roll act GEMINI FIVE. GEMINI FIVE are perhaps at the moment the most talked about Swedish Rock Act to break out of their native country.
Their debut single "You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)" entered Top 20 of the Swedish National Chart. Together with their A & R Calle Schewen (the man behind bands like The Hellacopters, Gluecifer & The Nomads) & producer LEO (Emilia - Big Big World) they entered the Soundtrade/SAE Studio (Europe, Abba, Westlife etc.) in Solna to make an album with one foot in the early eighties and the other here and now.

They got the looks. They got the songs...
We got the best album ever to hit this planet..

A catchy video is available for ”You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)", directed by Peter Wendin, a well know Swedish video editor (A-TEENS, etc.).

Gemini 5ive will set the standards for all future flamboyant rock bands.
Once and for all…
-Calle von Schewen, A&R, Wild Kingdom

From the first striking chords throughout 12 breathtaking songs…
,you’ll gasp for air when it’s over…

We got the looks. We got the songs. We got the best album ever to hit this planet..
-Tin Star,Gemini 5ive