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A Top Top priority from Black Lodge.
Produced by: Peter Wichers (Soilwork)
Feat. Soilwork Members as guests on the album. Second album from Swedish Melodic/Death/Thrash act CONSTRUCDEAD
Made their first Japan tour as support act to Soilwork only two mounths after the debut album was released.
Previous bands & side projects that makes Construcdead what they are today: Face Down, Terror 2000 & God Faced Gods. Mastered at the world famous Polar Studios

Construcdead was formed about three years ago by a crew of musicians from Stockholm, Sweden. Bass player Joakim Harju had just left Face Down, whose other members scattered across the scene to join bands like the Haunted and Entombed. After trying a number of vocalists, Henrik from Tyrfing among others, the band finally stuck with Jonas Sandberg whose style worked well with the music.

After just a few months the band had a full set going and played in Holland a number of times; the most noteworthy performance might have been at the Stonehenge Festival in Steenwijk. About a year after that, they got invited to play at the Nuclear Storm festival in the Czech Republic and were greatly appreciated by the audience as well as the other bands, like Illdisposed.

But things just kept getting better and better, after finishing their first record "Repent" they went out on a Japan Tour as a support act to Soilwork, Construcdead made Three shows, Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo. That really gave the band a lot of experience and also a lot of attention from the media.

The musicians in Construcdead have all played metal for many years and, as a consequence, have a great understanding of the scene as well as the music. (Like the drummer's (Erik) sideproject "Terror 2000", featuring members from Soilwork and Darkane). In the autumn of 2002 Construcdead and Jonas Sandberg parted ways.

After Jonas's departure the band started looking for a new leadsinger that could pull off both screaming and clean vocals. In November 2002 the search was over, and they found a new frontman in Peter Tuthill. The new lineup recorded a couple of demosongs and started looking for a new label to take the band further. Early in the spring of 2003, after receiving offers from numerous labels, Construcdead decided to sign a deal with the swedish label, Black Lodge Records. The guys started writing material for a new album, and in May the band entered Queenstreet Studios along with producers Peter Wichers (Soilwork) and Richard Larsson to record their sophomore album "Violadead".

Violadead is a more diverse and dynamic album than anything the band has done before, and Construcdead is determined to go all the way!