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Lycosia is a Parisian rock combo, self-proclaimed “Glam-Goth-Deluxe”, who have illustrated themselves in the rock world by releasing their 4-tracks LP "LAND OF TEARS" in 1998.
Voted "best self-production of the year" by Rock Style Magazine, this first record enabled the band to play with bands such as Immortal, Cradle Of Filth and Anathema... Thanks to their hard work, Lycosia was able to prepare their tracks for their first album and they sent the demos to Kit Woolven, the artistic producer for Cradle of Filth, Anathema, Cathedral, Thin Lizzy, David Gilmour and even Garry Glitter ! The Glam touch is indeed a constant preoccupation for Lycosia !!
Kit Woolven produced "NO LOVE LOST" in 1999, which was a huge event for the band. The album received warm reviews from the media and the release was soon followed by a live tour with Anathema. Lycosia now had a true fan base…

Changes in the year 2000 : the band now sounded more rock than metal and planned the recording of the second album. "UNISEX" was recorded and produced by Kit Woolven at the Damage Inc Studio (Anathema, Lacuna Coil, Venom). This experience had many links to the story of Spinal Tap and Bad News : the recording sessions were dreadful, the mood between the musicians was horrible and Lycosia’s record company went out of business without paying anything to the band !!
Hard times, no fun ! As a consequence, the reviews were mixed : Hard Rock Mag declared : "The new Lycosia is a peace of shit..." while others such as Rolling Stone pronounced Lycosia to be "a great band !". Instead of producing a follow-up to “NO LOVE LOST”, UNISEX provided an opportunity for the band to explore the glam-goth side of their music. Although the band confused a part of its metal audience, they convinced new fans, lovers of rock and new-wave music...


The year 2004 was a Holy Resurrection for the band because of its brand new line-up. Lycosia became L Y C O S I A and gave birth to their third album : an extraordinary mix of electronic dreams, deep-grounded metal, tortured post-wave, wild rock'n'roll and tribal vibes from central Asia… The four wayfaring-dandies illustrated Glam-Goth-Deluxe with their own interpretation of Paris by night!

If you like Paris, B-Movies, nasty visual-rock, religious-sexy-rock-fetish performances… All you need is L Y C O S I A !!

This new album was a big turn in the band’s career : L Y C O S I A is considered as the most rock and roll and glamorous band from France.

Are you now ready 4 the Great Underground War ? Follow your Parisian Gothic Tour Operator ! Follow LYCOSIA !!