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"Live Armageddon"

Label: Metal Mind Records
Cat. Nr: MMP DVD 0043
Barcode: 5907785026575
Format: DVD, NTSC, Region 0
Genre: death metal
Total running time: approx. 110 min.

Track List

Metalmania 2004
1. Hatred Inherit
2. Thorns of Heaven
3. Dawn of Flagellation
4. Murderer
5. Ethereal World
6. Vengeance's Revelation
7. Wolfen Tyranny
8. Conquerors of Armageddon
9. Kings of Killing

Bonus video:
Live in Sao Paolo 2004
1. Dawn of Flagellation
2. Murderer
3. Ethereal World
4. Soul Devourer
5. Vengeance's Revelation
6. Ageless Venomous
7. Drum solo
8. Wolfen Tyranny
9. Conquerors of Armageddon
10. In League with Satan (Venom cover)
11. Works of Carnage
12. Apocalyptic Victory

Bootlegged at Wacken 2001
1. Conquerors of Armageddon
2. Drum solo
3. Vengeance's Revelation

"Works of Carnage" recording sessions

"Murderer" videoclip

Sales points
-First ever DVD release of Krisiun - definitely one of the top death metal act in the world!
-Nearly two hours of ultra brutal, fast, uncompromising, blasphemous death metal!
-The main show, recorded at last year's Metalmania Festival in Poland, is accompanied by loads of bonus stuff: 45-minute show from Sao Paolo and a bootleg from Wacken Open Air, plus a studio report from "Works of Carnage" recording sessions!
-Bonus videoclip to "Murderer"
-Classic collector's item
-Also includes:
-Band's biography
-Photo gallery
-Downloadable desktop images
-Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound

Krisiun was formed in the outset of the 90's, in the line-up that remained the same till today, with Alex Camargo (vocals/bass), Max Kolesne (drums) and Moyses Kolesne (guitars). Destined to create the most vicious and brutal death metal ever, Krisun have recorded their first demo-tape "Evil Age" in 1991; the following year they made a split LP called "Curse of the Evil One".
In the early 1993, still in the very depths of the underground scene, they recorded their first album "Unmerciful Order". The album (often considered a mini CD because of its 30-minute duration) was a magnificent display of pure hatred, brutality and unmatched speed. It was released in Brazil by Dynamo Records and spread worldwide by the band itself.
As the battle raged on, they kept on the path of destruction and the next year, late in 1994, they entered the studio to record the infamous "Black Force Domain", an album which introduced them to the international scene. This album definitely gave the world death metal scene a new level of speed and sheer brutality, as it contained the most extreme death metal attack ever conceived, with unbelievably fast pounding endless bomb blast drumming all over the record, ripping guitars riffs and shredding leads covered with the most blasphemous, strong growling vocals. "Black Force Domain" was recorded in late 1994 but it wasn't released in Europe till 1997 (licensed by Gun Records). In Brazil this album was released in 1996 by Dynamo Records and prior distributed in Europe by Donosti Records.
After touring in Europe for the first time in 1997, they entered the Spider House Studios (Germany), owned by the well-known producer Harris Johns, to record new material. "Apocalyptic Revelations" featured all the aspects that made Krisiun recognizable, that is relentless and fastest death metal around, but it was at the same time more mature and substantial. The album was released in mid 1998 and gave the band the opportunity to tour in North America for the first time. During that tour they performed at Milwaukee Metal Fest, where they were noticed by the representatives of Century Media Records. They quickly came into agreement and Krisiun accepted CM's record deal offer, as their deal with the German label Gun Recs. was just expiring (Gun licensed Krisiun first two full-lengths "Black Force Domain" and "Apocalyptic Revelations").
After the new contract was signed in late 1999, they once again entered the German studio with Erik Rutan and Andy Classen to record the death metal masterpiece "Conquerors of Armageddon". This album is unanimously considered to be as important for the death metal scene as Slayer's "Reign in Blood" is for thrash metal. This album without any doubt again managed to set a new level of speediness and aggression for the extreme metal scene. After the release of "Conquerors of Armageddon" in 2000 the band played over 200 shows around South and North America and Europe.
In the early 2001 they chose a studio in their home town Sao Paulo and recorded the album "Ageless Venomous". As there were already lots of bands following Krisiun style, with this material the band tried to come up with something fresh and original, to show a new and different way again. "Ageless Venomous" was a more tech oriented album, but still full of hatred, speed and brutality. This album was a success everywhere and again took Krisiun for endless touring all around the world. In 2001 and 2002 they did over 250 gigs, including shows in places they'd never visited before, like Japan and Eastern Europe. They also came back to North America and Europe playing on major metal fests like Wacken Open Air, With Full Force, New Jersey Metal Fest, etc... The album was also acclaimed one of the best metal releases of 2001 by "The Rolling Stone" - the biggest rock magazine in the world.
In 2003, still hungry for the aggression and brutality, they set to work with Canadian producer Pierre Remilard and recorded "Works of Carnage", once again a superb display of pure death metal hatred. Going against all trends and fashions that pollute the metal scene, this album showed Krisiun's evolved style, tight and brutal as hell, delivering all the elements that the extreme metal fans expected from them, proving once again they were going to shatter any obstacle which stood in their way.
In mid 2004 they decided to record an EP with five new songs plus bonus material: a couple of original tracks from the "Unmerciful Order" CD. Many death metal bands were abusing the conveniences of the digital era to edit drum and guitar parts, or even vocal patterns, but Krisiun once again decided to record their new offering, "Bloodshed", on the analog recording system. Again they proved they did not need computers to create the most hellish death metal around. It is in their blood and soul and no one will ever take it away from them. Krisiun is the legacy of aggression, speed and brutality.

1993 "Unmerciful Order"
1995 "Black Force Domain" (Dynamo Rec./GUN Rec./Century Media USA)
1998 "Apocalyptic Revelation" (Dynamo Rec./GUN Rec./Century Media USA)
2000 "Conquerors Of Armageddon" (Century Media Records)
2001 "Ageless Venomous" (Century Media Records)
2003 "Works Of Carnage" (Century Media Records)
2004 "Bloodshed" (Century Media Records)
2005 "Live Armageddon" (Metal Mind Productions, MMP DVD 0043)

Alex Camargo - vocals/bass
Moyses Kolesne - guitar
Max Kolesne - drums