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"The undiscovered country"

Finally a new release from Swedish metal legends Destiny! After a seven year long wait, fans of dark progressive power metal may rejoice again: the founders of dark metal have returned with a vengeance! This is the brand new album from Destiny, seven years after their critically acclaimed Nothing Left To Fear (1991). Destiny is also the band behind the widely famous Atomic Winter album from 1988, which featured the legendary cover painting by Iron Maiden cover artist Derek Riggs. When they now return to the scene with a new album, they return in style. With the help of Jorgen Cremonese in the studio, they have produced an album that sounds contemporary, yet stays true to the Destiny heritage. This means that what we have here is an album filled to the brim with creative and powerful heavy metal. The Undiscovered Country is well and beyond up to par with Nothing Left To Fear and Atomic Winter, the latter which was rewarded KKKK½ in renowned British metal magazine Kerrang. The present incarnation of Destiny feature:

Zenny Gram his awesome vocal capabilities were also instrumental in rending the previous two albums unforgettable. No one can wail like this guy.
Stefan Björnshög The founder of Destiny. He’s been pounding out technical as well as ultra-heavy bass lines since before time... Knut Hassel Joined Destiny during the recording of Nothing Left To Fear, although he didn’t perform on that album. His fret board escapades should make most guitarists look twice.

The story of Destiny is one of constant evolution. When other bands folded or gave in to the safe confines of conformity, Destiny wouldn’t yield. When other bands strayed towards the mirage of easy success through succumbing to the whims of musical trends, Destiny maintained their course. And that is why they today stand tall with their latest, tremendous effort. The Undiscovered Country is a self-confident, technically exciting album that very well may lay the world before the feet of this mean machine of a band.