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"The undiscovered country"

"In The Beginning all was dark and God created the sky and the earth", it says in the book of Revelation. The text continues "And God separated light from darkness..." but the bassman Stefan Björnshög and guitarist Magnus Österman supposed that "in the beginning" God somehow went wrong and let the darkness persist. And out of the nights eternal darkness, Destiny was born.

In the beginning, about 1980, the embryo to Destiny was a trio consisting of a guitarist, a bassist and a drummer. And the darkness from which the band came, was the damp city of Gothenburg, Sweden, where the daylight only grow 6 hours old and the night 18 hours old during the winter. There in the dim rehearsal studios, down in the catacombs, Destiny first played their dark metal. The first three years was a continious groping in the dark, but from 1985 the band has worked very hard on their very much personal style.

Destiny released their first album the 13th of Mars 1985, which means that it's their 10th Anniversary as a recording group this year. Today Destiny has become an institution in Swedish metal. The band has been around for as long as most headbangers can remember. The dark men have gone from long haired, savage hardrockers to "thin haired", savage hardrockers with three albums behind them, 'Beyond All Sense', recorded in December (a very dark time of the year) 1984, wich was released in 1985, 'Atomic Winter' recorded in 1987 and released in 1988 and 'Nothing left to fear', which reached the stores in 1991 and was recorded the year before. These albums bear witness of Destiny's development in a decade. The music has become more complex and varying, the demands on the musicians has increased all the time. Every album has been a step on the way to a more perfect, explosive, advanced and fateful metal.

Destiny has never been compromising, never flirting with any different trends passing by during the last 15 years. Steadfast, they have absented themself from plastic metal with funny haircuts, american sleazemetal, deathmetal, traditional thrash metal and the "Seattlesound ". Destiny has always kept to the dark side. The records of the band has always had the brilliant reviews they deserved, but the great salesfigures have failed to appeare.

As we mentioned early on, the band has been through a number of lineup changes. Especially when it comes to guitarists. They have become fathers, or sacrificed the music for a civil career, or quite simply got themselves thrown out of the band when their musical taste lightened up. To let light into the music is punished by "death" in Destiny.

Today the band circles around keymembers Stefan Björnshög on bass, guitarist Knut Hassel and leadvocalist Zenny Gram (formerly known as Zenny Hansson). Replacing original drummer Peter Lundgren on the new album 'The Undiscovered Country' is Håkan Svantesson though he will not be a permanet member of the band. And they are still - just like when they started out 15 years ago - playing dark metal, firmly convinced that with their new publishing deal (Misty Music) and the right kind of record deal and management there is a large potential horde of fans waiting for their dramatic, well arranged and complex music.