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"2 Face Macy"

Cheeno was founded by the four former live and studio musicians of a band called "Autumnblaze", which has released 6 Cds worldwide on "Prophecy Productions" and played four tours through Europe with bands like „Antimatter", "Oceansize", and "the Vision Bleak". Together with Jennie Kloos, an experienced soloist who has already performed for various advertisement and television productions , they've founded Cheeno in August 2005. Shortly after their first rehearsal, they were supporting their former label mates Klimt1918 (IT) on their tour through Germany and the Netherlands. At the end of 2005 they won several newcomer contests and at the beginning of 2006 they published their first EP "try to rescue". The title track "the ruler" has been rotating for five weeks in the broadcast "netcharts" of the German radio station Das Ding. In 2006, Cheeno competed with 800 bands, and was finally nominated for and honored with the "German Rock and Pop" award for "Best Alternative Act 2006". Their popularity in the rock world has grown with each concert and festival performance across Europe. They played as support act for bands like Tesla, Fear My Thoughts, Paul DiAnno (Ex Iron Maiden), Ross the Boss (Ex Manowar), Powerwolf, Mercenary, Xandria, Nocte Obducta, Peilomat, Debauchery,5Bugs and many more. And although their style sometimes differed extremly from those of the main bands, they could always convince the audience with their live performance. In the middle of 2008, Cheeno have finally singned their first record deal at Prevision Music, a sublabel of Supreme Chaos Records, to publish their first full length album called "The Next Step Will Be The Hardest". Having received very good reviews for their debut album and being aware of their fans' high expectations, Cheeno venture to take the next step of their still very young career not even one year later. In October 2009, they finish the recordings of their second album "2 Face Macy", which comprises 11 rousing songs and is only waiting to be published in April 2010. But Cheeno wouldn't be Cheeno, if they hadn't added something special to the upcoming publication, but the secret won't be revealed yet, of course. At the beginning of 2010, they will shoot the video for one of their new songs, that will also be published in the course of the album promotion. After all this hard work, Cheeno will go back to what they know best: Rocking the stages live and creating goose bumps and open mouths on your festivals.