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"Tortura Insomiae"

EBONY TEARS - Johnny and Conny started a band called ”Memorium” back in 1992, and made 2 demos. Both ended up in flames. No deals... In 1994 Johnny Wranning left ”Memorium” for a band from Västerås in Sweden. A couple of months after the release of ”Miscreant” their debut album Johnny left the band to search for new paths. At the same time as Johnny left ”Memorium” Conny started playing with some lokal bands in his hometown, Norrtälje. But he didn´t feel satisfied with those bands, so went over to M.I in L.A to get even better at playing the guitar.
A year passed and while Johnny was playing with some lokal bands in Stockholm, they finally met during a big party in the autumn of 1996. They started to talk about putting together a band. The band was to be called ”Ebony Tears” and for this they needed more bandmembers. The advertising for members gave nothing, but Johnny knew a very good drummer known as Iman. Iman´s drumming technic fitted just like a glowe. The bassplayer Thomas Thun joined ”Ebony Tears” after Iman had talked him into the band.

Fuck yeah, the lineup was complete for a demo recording. In November 1996 ”Ebony Tears” went into the studio to record their debut demo called ”Demo 96”! One week after the recording the answers from interested record labels started to drop in. ”Ebony Tears” choosed ”Black Sun Records”, a Swedish label. In May 1997 they entered ”Sunlight Studios” to record their debutalbum, ”Tortura Insomniae”. Short after the recording of the record Thomas left the band and has been replaced by Peter Tuthill who played in another band called ”Bulldozer” for about six years.