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"Hidden dimension"

Determined to interpret their musical ideas without compromise and making no concessions to current trends, ARTROSIS was set up in 1995. Answering to this resounding name is a trio composed of Magdelena "Medeah" Dobosz - vocals, Maciej Niedzielski - keyboards and Krzysztof "Chris" Bialas - guitars.

After the band had established a formidable reputation for themselves as a live act, which extended way beyond the borders of their native Poland, the media and various record labels began to take notice of ARTROSIS.

In the autumn of 1997, the trio came to Hall of Sermon and a short time later found themselves in the recording studio.

ARTROSIS, whose name is a symbolic blending of art and roses, have their own distinctive style that may be classified as a synthesis of extravagant Dark Wave, atmospheric Goth Rock and bloody Metal, which is brought to perfection primarily by the charismatic voice of Medeah, who effortlessly joins the Hall of Sermon line-up of exceptional singers. Macjej Niedzielski, the man responsible for all the keyboard instruments, and guitarist Krzysztof Bialas are clearly very experienced musicians technically, with a superb instinct for catchy melodies and powerfully expressive arrangements. Each of the ten songs on the album has its own unmistakable, somewhat unconventional, personal character, from which the listener finds it extremely difficult to free himself.

Medeah shows her courage and love of powerful, expressive lyrics by singing five of the titles in her mother tongue. This switching between Polish and English is an interesting device, adding a new dimension to the album for the listener who is generally used to the lyrics being sung in either English or German.

"Hidden Dimension" is a fascinating album with its many-facetted songs swaying gently, despite their hard-hitting impact, in harmony and romantic sentiment. A pot-pouri of emotions takes one on a wistful journey through a hidden dimension.