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"Damnations prophecy"

Founded by Volcano (Drumming Holocaust & Vocals) and Andrew Undertaker (Helltorture Guitars &Vocals) in early 1994, ABOMINATOR's only aim was to musically convey their own violent way of life ... Carnage, Hell, Torture, Aggression & a lust for Blood! Chris had already come from a violent background, bashing the skins on DESTROYER 666's debut demo. And with the added musical influencesof class acts like Slayer, Sodom, Possessed & Kreator to name a few, ABOMINATOR set out on their quest for carnage with the release of the '95 debut demo "Barbarian war worship", which contained six Holocaust tracks of pure carnage Metal.

Later Dave on guitar and Gary on bass were added and several shows were done around the Melbourne area with Bestial Warlust and was interested in joining ABOMINATOR as bassist.

Bloodstorm also decided to take up some vocal duties along with the other members and the result was a three-way VOKILL Holocaust. In early 1997 "The conqueror possessed" limited promo was recorded and ciculated to just a few labels worldwide. Bloodstorm visited the USA to further promote this release and it was here that he met the Necropolis horde, who took an instant liking to ABOMINATOR's Carnage Metal assault.

In late 1997 Dave was sacked and ABOMINATOR became a three piece. Armed with a new record deal ABOMINATOR stormed St.Andrews Studios in Melbourne to lay down their Luciferian Path to Destruction in the form of "Damnations Prophecy". The album is an Australian assault containing 10 tracks of pure Carnage Metal done in the style ABOMINATOR is known for ... ABOMINATOR is planning quite a few live shows in Australia this year and will possibly tour the US or Europe soon ....