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"King fear"

With „King Fear“ the band returns with a monster of an album. Decadent and mystifying, „King Fear“ gives substance to a fever dream the listener needs to forge all for himself; no easy solutions at play here. As far as bad trips go, „King Fear“ might be one of the more rewarding. Gathering momentum from the bitterly sarcastic opener „Errata Stigmata“, it carries all the way to the title-track climaxing with the unspeakable homing down on the unwary listener. Recorded underground, mixed at a topnotch studio, the wall of sound present on the album is sometimes nothing short of remarkable, unconventional as it grows towards the end. Even the appearance of the grand old man of space rock, Nik Turner, somehow just makes sense–it could as well have been from some Michael Moorcock novel. And what was the point of it all? „To fulfill a 16th century prophecy“, the band sheepishly respond, „It’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it.“

Both lyrically and musically, it is a wholesome beast, parts of which are hard, if impossible to separate. Remember, these guys mixed their first full-length solely on numerological basis („and it shows“, they admit in retrospect). Paradoxically enough, you could see a concept album in there, in the best ‘70s tradition, or on the other hand a consistent package of totally rocking songs. Many a strange treasure is unearthed on the Whores’ journey to the arcane, yet others pushed further in the shadows. Make of it what you will, they probably wouldn’t care, nor cease, until the stars are right again...