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"Midnattens Widunder"

One night in march 1997 two men were sleeping in a rehearsal room in Helsinki. The other woke up and started playing the keyboards and came up with a folkish melody. Soon the other one woke up too. Liking the melody he asked the other guy to play the riff in traditional finnish "humppa" style. (humppa is a variety of polka.) This sounded very mean and guitars and brutal vocals were added immediatly. Thus Finntroll was born...
These two very drunk founding fathers were Somnium (ex-Thy Serpent, plays in Barathrum too.) and Katla. Almost a year later in January Finntroll recorded their debut demo "rivfader". They were still using drummachine but were already discussing a future adding of other members at least for session musicanship. Soon several musicians stepped into the picture. Drummer B. Dominator (Barathrum, Rapture), Írmy on live guitars, Trollhorn (Moonsorrow) on keyboards and Tundra on bass. Spikefarm had shown interest in the band and now that Finntroll was a band with several strong musicians the deal was sealed. So there you have it, the record that will propably affect the black and folk metal scene for good. The debut album "Midnattens Widunder" Contains nine tracks of advanced trollish metal.