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"Tried & Failed"

2005… mobile phone-ringtones, internet auctions, MP3-downloads... and we, EverEve, release our sixth full-length album “Tried & Failed” by now.
A lot has changed in the world (of music), since we’ve decided to become a “serious” band after our first attempts nearly 10 years ago in 1996... and we did redefine ourselves over and over as well throughout the course of time whether it be optically, stylistically or the line-up.
The EverEve-root has always remained the same. That is to say the longing to capture our latent-melancholic, to the core cynical awareness of life and pack it into some hard, intensive music... spiced up with some pathos and our very own tendency towards self-mockery (misunderstandings owed to that fact became fatal to us more than once...).
To begin with, the two concept albums “Seasons” (1997) and “Stormbirds” (1998) originated from that seed, defying conventions of regular songwriting with their complex, in-depth Gothic-Metal sound patterns... before on “Regret” (1999) – the crossover, so to speak, from the “old” to the “new” EverEve – electronic elements and classic song structures would find their way into our microcosm.
“E-mania” (2001) and “.enetics” (2003) represented a consistent continuation of that direction. New label, different line-up, a new-more melodic voice, synthetic sounds combined with handmade power, distorted guitars “in your face”. A journalist once called it “Cyber Gothic Metal”... and for us it was the next step on the creative ladder. Cessation equals death.
Throughout these first 9 years of EverEve we’ve been touring Europe several times, also the U.S., played more than 500 single shows and festivals around the globe, released a home video, numerous sampler contributions and made our first appearances on national TV with the release of “.enetics”.
And now “Tried & Failed”... it turned out to be an epic, orchestral album, musically and emotionally influenced by impressions gathered on our first concert journey to Russia in the spring of 2004. Elegiac characterised bombast meets distorted guitar-images and emo-vocals. Deep, desperate sometimes, suffering... yet at the same time smooth, warm and infatuated. A soundtrack made for full moon nights.
The lyrics address the bittersweet aftertaste of failure, human beings always driven by an also unfulfilled urge for sexual, emotional and spiritual comfort, contentment and domination. Although often resulting from failing the scheme of life is new strength. Self-pity turns into comforting woefulness... and ultimately into defiant energy. This is the EverEve- dialectics of destruction and creativity.
Taking over the job of visualising our musical and lyrical atmosphere were Markus Richter and Cane Hoyer. These two internationally well known artists of avantgarde and erotic-art (eg. Glamour, Madame, MAX, AMICA, Eros-Zine USA, ProSiebenSAT 1, Ketchum-New York, Eastman-Kodak USA) who participated exclusively and for the first time in a music-production, also made sure that “Tried & Failed” became a unit acoustically and optically. To listen is to see...
This has been the longest, most elaborate production process to date for us, supported once again by longtime producer Gerhard Magin (eg. Theatre of Tragedy, Totenmond, Crematory, ...), our permanent 5th element and synth-guru Joerg Huettner, who in the meantime also established himself in the film-industry by working on major motion picture soundtracks (eg. Catwoman, The Ring 2, Batman begins, ...).
EverEve is back! Still rather dark-greyish, sarcastic but never depressive. EverEve is a vision, our vision. And the vision lives on... even in 2005, the year of mobile phone-ringtones, internet auctions and MP3-downloads...
Tried… & succeeded (MZ, Mai 2005)