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Mania without a cause... - E-MANIA - Release Date:11. June 2001

EverEve, formed in 1993.The band's goal: To combine seething guitars in minor and orchestral depth. Four years later: The first full-length concept album SEASONS. Gothic Metal par excellence. 1998: STORMBIRDS. Another step forward. No bars hold creativity anymore. Countless ideas on one album. Take it to the limit. 1999: Ex-vocalist Tom commits suicide. Depression. REGRET: turning point. Guest vocalist. The main strategy: get straight to the point without any compromise. Line-up change: MC W1febeater is bashing the skins now .He has also worked with Joey Belladonna (formerly of Anthrax) before. Successfully touring Europe with the Nuclear-Blast-Festivals. Victory. The year 2000: Generating strength in a phase of creativity. Certain festivals and EverEve on their first tour overseas. REGRET receives international recognition. US shows and chart entries. Triumph. Keyboarder MZ Eve 51 takes over the spot behind the mic: "I wrote the vocal-lines and worked a lot on my voice, now it is my turn to do the vocals, too." New dimensions. Master of Programmings Joerg Huettner (Dorsetshire, Relatives Menschsein, Monaco X) exclusively creates the synthetic sounds for all the new songs. Cyber. Such a lot of new input does not remain in silence. New deal with Massacre Records. Next stop: Producer Gerhard Magin (eg. Crematory, Theatre of Tragedy,...). Something strikes the band: E-MANIA. Heavy-cutting guitars like never before. Metal. New, fragile yet strong vocals. Psychotic-schizophrenic. Beats that move the body. Makes you wanna dance. A well-known emotional atmosphere. Gothic. Mission accomplished:

Sex – Lunacy – Death ... E-MANIA in EverEve's own words:
+K.M.(Most Terrible God)+
bone-dry, pushing; theatrical chorus; torn apart inside, mad; mechanically, cold, deadly; Come for me....
best of both worlds ;old meets new; killer beats, distinctive retro-feel, seventies style; never-ending spacetrip; This march will never end...
+The Flesh Divine+
rhythms that weight tons. dreamy, gliding vocals; a chorus which takes you high above; drift away; And the wor(l)d became flesh...
beautiful and dangerous at the same time, machine-like clockwork precision turning into a pumping rush of adrenaline eighties vibe; Follow me – just let things go...
+This is Not...+
the result of a symbiosis: sick, lonely soul and excessive violence without restraint; imploring, emotional, despair, raging; extremely psycho; This is not my burden....
tribal Rollercoaster; bloody sex; a relationship put through the grinder: dark, strong, hard; without any reason, without any sense; Mistreat me – just give me what I need....
the good, the bad, the disgusting and the beauty riding the groove machine monster; oriental keyboards; re-visit the soul; Face all your demons....
Female voice meets male psycho vocals; pure electronics; inspired by E.A. Poe; delirium; Dear soul I will take you to the very ends of the earth....
the sky is the limit; space sci-fi groove; aggressive tribal attacks, straight beats; hard and soft elements combined; But still you cannot see...
+T.o O.ur D.enial+
travel the galaxy to the depth of a terrible loss; catchy chorus; Down, down we glide, down, down the spiral – to our denial...
+Fade To Grey+
belt it out, man-with-balls version of a pop-classic. Pampers down - balls out; Love it or hate it....
Sci-fi-industrial-feeling with multiple orgasms; F... me and kill me...

LINE-UP: MZ Eve 51 - voice & keys, T.he H.avoc W.reaker - guitars, SK Kiefer Durden - guitars, SMart Basstard - bass, MC W1febeater - drums
DISCOGRAPHY: Seasons (1997, Nuclear Blast), Stormbirds (1998, Nuclear Blast), Regret (1999, Nuclear Blast), E-Mania (2001, Massacre Records) Stormbirds - CD
Like a storm-driven bird at night we came flying out of nowhere ...... From out of nowhere"!
EVEREVE took place in the Gothic scene, which was threatened to die in it's own cliche. The press was more than euphoric and the European tour with AMORPHIS made them one of the hottest acts of this genre in the year 1997.
Motivated from all there positiv reactions they decided to enter the studio again to record their second album "Stormbirds" together with the help from producer J.P. Genkel (THERION, LACRIMOSA, CRADLE OF FILTH), the Barmbek Symphonic Orchestra and guest vocalist Yorck Eysel of LOVE LIKE BLOOD.
"Stormbirds" is the next step for the band to become one of the most successful formats in the "New Wave of Gothic Metal". The record also contains their own style along with other influences like Black Metal or Classic. Because of the ripe arrangements and the poetic atmosphere "Stormbirds" sometimes has the effect of an imaginary movie. EVEREVE try to walk their own way in the kind they write their lyrics. They use some philosophical content and with metaphor, which are mostly about mother nature, it symbolizes human feelings. They describe the human being as a person who's - destroyed inside from despairation and blind rage - trying to
find the sense of his existence and the only thing he found out was that his sence of life is to find a way out of the pain of his presence. So it's worth visiting the empire of the "Stormbirds" to be captured from an atmosphere of love, hate, anger and melancholy... Regret - CD - After an extensive tour with Crematory, several successful festival shows and sporadic gigs throughout Europe, EVEREVE now release 'Regret', their third album in three years which also marks the completion of their style
transition. The epic Goth-Metal of the past gives way to catchy, heavy, Dark-Rock. The songs, produced by Gerhard Magin (Theatre Of Tragedy, Crematory), are tighter in their arrangement and have a hymn-like quality due to their more gradual intensity in structure. Due to the very 'danceable' nature of the new material, the band has decided to tab their music 'Deca-Dancefloor'. EVEREVE are no longer happy with the label 'Gothic Metal' as this is only applicable to a certain extent and a categorisation with either cheap clischees or unimaginative imitators brings a rather
bitter aftertaste with it. An important role in the conception and development of the new album was played by the classically trained voice of new singer, Ben Richter
(Vermilion Fields). His deep, melancholic yet lively vocals call forth a twilight world between worlds to which those who believe to be awake transcend without realising it. In addition, EVEREVE received support from Jörg Hüttner (Dorsetshire, Relatives Menschsein), who enriched the overall soundscape with a collage of interesting electronic effects, and Crematory guitarist Matthias Hechler whose style blends with the powerful, passionate style of both EVEREVE string wizards. As a little surprise 'Regret' also contains a very different version of the Animals song, 'House Of The Rising
Sun', which has great hit potential. The new direction is mirrored in the lyrics which are less abstract but more
touching than before, dominated by a mixture of ambivalence and doubt whereby the use of metaphors allow a more sensitive and intuitive access to the written words. As with the decadent poetry of the 19th Century (remember 'Deca-Dancefloor'!), things are always portrayed from both sides which is shown within the tracks which are filled with antithetical word games. EVEREVE have, without sounding boring, never been this catchy and the polished surface discloses nothing of the structural finess which lurks beneath. This is sufficient reason to delve deeper into the microcosmos of 'Regret'!