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"Chronology of a love-affair"

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Decades (JOY DIVISION) 05:44
She's in parties (BAUHAUS) 04:25
A strange day (THE CURE) 05:03
Lucretia my reflection (THE SISTERS OF MERCY) 05:14
Church of no return (CHRISTIAN DEATH) 03:56
Wasteland (THE MISSION) 05:43
Rain (THE CULT) 03:57
April Skies (JESUS AND THE MARY CHAIN) 04:00
Love under will (FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM) 05:30
Injustice 04:30
Love Like Blood (KILLING JOKE) 05:28
True Belief (PARADISE LOST) 04:35
Copycat (LACRIMOSA) 05:01
Black No.1 (TYPE O' NEGATIVE) 04:36
Whatever that hurts (TIAMAT) 05:02
Great big white world (MARILYN MANSON) 05:06

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