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"Sunrise In Riverland"


Insania was founded in 1992 by drummer Mikko Korsbäck and guitarist Henrik Juhano in Stockholm, Sweden. The music of early Insania was no different from what it is today - even back then it was heavily influenced by Helloween.

Guitar player Niklas Dahlin joined forces with the band in early 1994. At that time bass player Tomas Stolt did not want to play in Insania anymore and he left one week before the band was supposed to play a gig in Järfälla, Sweden. The band found a temporary replacement for that particular show and after a few rehearsals the show was a success.

The band rehearsed and gigged extensively in Stockholm and all of a sudden Tomas was back in the band. At that time Mikko was still singing and playing the drums at the same time, however it soon became evident that the band needed a new singer.

As advertisements were put into local music papers, somebody remembered a guy from the north of Sweden, so David Hendriksson got a phone call from Mikko and an audition was arranged. The band jammed some songs and as the new guy opened his mouth for the first time, everybody knew that he was the new singer. David moved to Stockholm to concentrate on Insania.

Insania made their first demo tape under this line up in 1996. It contained "Secret Of Life", "Fire In The Sky" and "World Of Ice" and some more songs. The demos were sent to various record companies in Sweden, and No Fashion Records wanted to sign the band after seeing a show at Studion, Stockholm.

New material was written and demoed, and with the guidance and productional skills from domestic studio genius Tomas Skogsberg (Entombed, Dismember etc) the band completed an album "World Of Ice". Building on the heritage of legends such as Helloween and Blind Guardian, Insania interprets the spirit of true power metal in a direct, fascinating and honest way.

The band gigged extensively during the summer and autumn 1999 and played a huge outdoor gig at Sweden Rock Festival with Manowar and many other huge metal acts.

New material was written from the spring to summer 2000 and the band hit the studio once again with very good vibes. Their second album was recorded at Finnvox studios by Mikko Karmila during the summer of 2000. "Sunrise In Riverland", the title of the album says it all, and the sound and the songs on this album were something totally different than before but still the musical style remained as true Insania metal. With the fresh attitude and with the production help from Mikko Karmila the result was a dramatic and melodic metal album.

In 2001 Insania did shows supoporting Saxon among others but were forced to say no to offers from Mötley Crüe and D.A.D. because they parted ways with singer David Henriksson.

As a miracle they found a new singer in Ola Halén really fast. He is more than the band dared to hope for!

In summer of 2002 the sessions began for the third album; Fantasy(A New Dimension). This time even more effort and energy were put into the songwriting. Again Mikko Karmila and Finnvox were used. Roland Grapow(Masterplan, ex-Helloween) came by to lay down some stunning guitar solos. As on the previous album Eric Philippe did amazing artwork.

The future looks bright.

INSANIA (Stockholm) line up:
OLA HALÉN: Lead & Backing Vocals
HENRIK JUHANO : Lead Guitars
NIKLAS DAHLIN : Lead Guitars

New album: Fantasy(A New Dimension)