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"Diabolis Interium"

Soon the Ineffable Kings of Darkness will return with 8 tracks of pure BM supremecy. Diabolis Interium is both technical and musical which marks a huge improvement from the bands previous works. This is also their most unique, genuine and extreme creation to date.
Exclusive sneak preview of the opener "The Arrival Of Satan's Empire" taken from the label compilation "Independant Music For Independant People". Here is the album tracklist of "DIABOLIS INTERIUM":
1) The Arrival Of Satan's Empire
2) Hail Murder
3) Goddess Of Sodomy
4) Diabolis Interium
5) An Apprentice Of Satan
6) Thus I Have Spoken
7) Armageddon Finally Comes
8) Heart Of Ice

SELLING POINTS: · Top priority release on No Fashion Records
- Recorded at Abyss Studio.
- Produced by Peter Tägtgren.
- 3rd full length release from one of the few bands remaining that understands the term "Black Metal"
- Strongest material written so far in the bands existence.
- Strongest line-up of bands history.
- Band still signed to their original label.
- Countless fantastic worldwide reviews, even from previous Dark Funeral skeptics.
- Production finally captures the power of Emperor Magus Caligula's demonic and captivating vocals.
- Featuring new demon drummer Matte Modin (Defleshed).
- Despite numerous mishaps and inferior members, Lord Ahriman continues to wave the flag of hate for the Dark Funeral crusade. Where many would have, and do fail, Ahriman and Dark Funeral continue to prevail.
- Worldwide touring. Dark Funeral will spend countless days on the road in support.
- Toured the US and outside of Europe long before many other Black Metal acts.
- Amazing cover artwork by Morbid (Daniel Valeriani).
- 1,000 promotional CD's sent direct to all relevant media.
- Full-page colour advertisement in all relevant media.
- 20.000 Colour stickers.
- 10.000 B/W stickers.
- 10.000 A2 full colour posters.

Recorded and Mixed at the Abyss Studio
Anno Satanas 01.01.25 - 01.03.02
Produced by Peter Tagtgren
Studio Technician: Lars Szöke
Photos by Michael Johansson
Mastered at Cutting Room by Peter In Debetau & Dark Funeral
Front cover art and layout by: Morbid (Daniel Valeriani)