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"Edge Of Existence"

HYPOCRITE will once again show the world that they are one of the absolute top acts from the Swedish Metal Scene with their re-release
of the debut album ”Edge Of Existence”.

Back in 1989 the band HYPOCRITE was formed by Johan Haller and the
former member Niclas Åberg. In those days the band was mainly influenced by the classic American thrash bands. After three very well-known demos and a split-single with Electrocution and played many live shows with bands like; Dark Funeral, Katatonia, Amon Amarth, Face Down, Dissection, Noctes, Raise Hell, Necrophobic, Eternal Oath the band had created a high status in the underground scene so
the band decided to record a self-financed album ”Edge Of Existence”
that directly lead to a license deal with the Italian label Off World that release the album in June 1996. The label did a massive promotion campaign and the album received only top reviews and the band did tons of interviews with radio, press and tv all over the world.
This album is still a milestone in Swedish Metal.

After huge demand from fans around the world No Fashion is now very proud to re-releasing this masterpiece.

The album has been re-remixed by Fred Estby (Dismember) and also re-mastered to get the touch of the year 2000 in the production. This is one of the absolute best album in the genre of Melodic Death/Metal. The new cover is made by Niklas Sundin (Dark Tranquillity) who also made covers for Sentenced, Dark Tranquillity,
Dominion Caligula among others.

The album also feat. guest vocals by: L-G Petrov (Entombed) &
Thomas Vikström (Candlemass, Stormwind).

After the first pressing was sold out the album has been a sought after collectors item for the hardcore fans in this genre! Now it’s finally available for everyone around the globe.

”Edge Of Existence”, a mature example of modern Swedish metal sound