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".and then the earth moved..."

Guitarist and leadsinger Peter Vegem ( a.k.a Pete Evil) formed the band back in 1997. The band released some great 7 inch singles on various independent labels and appeared on a bunch of more or less obscure compilations. The word spread quickly about the fresh and rather snotty new band from Oslo and in 1998 they signed a deal with White Jazz Records. The brilliant minialbum "Troublemaker" followed shortly after in 1999.
Time passed by with much touring and mayhem, but in 2000, after the recording of the album "Making Out With Fire" the band more or less fell apart as all members, except Pete, decided to call it a day.
Refusing to let Hellride rest in peace, Pete soon hooked up with three fabulous Oslo based swedes. The new line up provided tons of new energy, selfesteem, plenty of attitude and of course last but not least, a bunch of new, great tunes.
An European tiur in 2001 showed that the new line up was stronger than ever. Soon after the tour Hellride went into Studio Fredman in Götheburg, Sweden together with engineer Fredrik Rheinedal to make ”---and then the earth moved which will be released on White Jazz in February 2002.
Hellride can be seen on an European tour in December 2002 alongside fellow Oslo rockers Silver. A new European tour is scheduled for March 2003.