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".and then the earth moved..."

Back in 1997 Pete and Zugly used to run into each other when they both were out raising hell and causing trouble at Last Train, the local bar. Without knowing each other too well they always had a damn good time together and usually ended up fighting and cursing each other's existence before they both went home with loose teeth and bruises all over. After a few months of this stupid kinda friendship they decided to start a band.

Before Hellride got together Pete had been involved in a bunch of bands, but none of 'em ever got to release anything. Around the same time he and Zugly started Hellride, Pete also joined another band. The band was Datsun and it was some seriously fucked up punk 'n roll coming out of that bad ass combo. Datsun released an album titled "Preaching the gospel of Porn" (Hit Me/Cylinder) back in 1998 and they split up in 2000.

Zugly, on the other hand, used to play together with some other fucked up snotty suburban kids in a punk band called The Abusers. During their rather short existence The Abusers made such great songs like "I hate your girlfriend", "Cash to pay my hash" and "She's easy". They released a coupla 7 inches and the album "The Abusers" (Thatís Entertainment/ Voices of Wonder) before they called it a day. At the time when he hooked up with Pete, Zugly also wrecked his bass in another great band, The Wonderfools. The Wonderfools released some singles and an album titled "Kids in Satanic Service" (Radio Blast/One Way) before they split up at some point during 1999.

Well, back to Hellride. After a few weeks of rehearsing, Pete and Zugly got a guy named Zito to sit behind the drums. This Zito character turned out to be good for absolutely nothing. When the day came to hit the studio and start the recording of the debut EP "Headin' for Hell" (Cylinder Recordings), Zito never showed up. After a few minutes of waiting and smoking, Pete and Zugly decided to record the songs as a duo with Pete on guitars and vocals and Zugly on bass and drums. The session took place at Caliban Studios in Oslo with the producer and rock 'n roll animal Ole Petter Andreassen behind the wheel. The result was, as you know, one shitkickin' little beast. This now legendary and highly valued collectors item, blew away everyone and everything in sight back in 98.

Pete and Zugly then hooked up with Tex Burger (a.k.a Ulf). Tex was just the right guy and after an extremely short audition he could call himself the drummer of Hellride. Earlier, this Ramones addicted maniac had been a member of bands like Barn av Regnbuen, Green Fuzz and Punchdrunk.

But still Hellride's line up wasn't complete. What they needed was a second guitarist. The band's songs and sound was way to massive to be performed with just one guitar. Something had to be done and it had to be done fast. Luckily, Trym Killi from The Retardos, a local punk band, now signed at Scooch Pooch Records, stepped in. Trym happens to be one hell of a guitar player, but he never actually became a part of the band, socially, like the three other guys. Trym did his job perfectly, he played like hell, but nothing more.

Hellride spend most of the following year playing live, having a good time and just simply building up the Hellride reputation and name. After plenty of concerts, action and drunken riots around Norway, Scandinavia and other parts of Europe, Hellride signed a deal with the superior Swedish rock 'n roll label, also known as White Jazz Records.

Once again, and this time as a four piece, Hellride entered Caliban Studios and together with good old Ole Petter Andreassen they recorded the rock 'n roll masterpiece "Troublemaker" (White Jazz Records). When this six song mini album hit the streets in 1999, Hellride proved their position as the new Rock Gods of Scandinavia. Unfortunately and because of various reasons, mostly because he and Zugly just couldn't stand each other, Trym Killi had to leave the band.

Trym got the boot and was quickly replaced by a crazy swede named Alex Action. Alex had been living in Oslo for some months and was already well known as the "Swedish madman that hangs out at Last Train". No one really knew him until he suddenly started playing guitar along with Pete in Datsun. Back in his hometown Arvika in Sweden he used to play drums in a bunch of bands, and as the story continues Alex also became the drummer of The Wonderfools.

Sadly, at this point, when any member of any band would normally be ready and willing to do what ever it takes to make it, Alex decided to go. Believe it or not, but after just 10 months in Hellride, he said he had better things to do and simply left the band up shit creek. What a downer! Alex did one hell of a job on stage, but he actually never got to record anything with Hellride, so to put it another way, his appearance is after all nothing but a short and easily forgotten chapter in the band's history.

Alex's departure forced Hellride to cancel all live appearances for months. This was of course a major drawback and the next few months were filled with a nervous and exhausting search for a new guitar player. A bunch of desperate auditions were held, but in the end they were all nothing but just a huge waste of time. All kinds of guys did their best with the six strings, and of course a whole lotta the candidates were pretty damn good, but the band wasn't too content and felt totally insecure about the whole damn situation. After a while they had to face the facts. They would never manage to find the right guy in time for the new album. That was when they decided to go for it as a three piece. Pete, Zugly and Tex ended up spending the following months hanging out in a dark and dirty basement where they rehearsed and got ready to hit the studio.

In May 2000 it was time to hook up with producer Thomas Skogsberg and walk down the stairs to the legendary Sunlight Studio in Stockholm, Sweden.
The recording session ended up being a whole new experience for the band. With Pete playing both guitars and with the skills, guidance and powerful sound provided by Thomas Skogsberg, Hellride's music ended up with a whole new touch. They sound like something brand new and yet something you already know and love! I guess that's just the trick if you wanna create high quality rock 'n roll nowadays. The new direction of Hellride is more melodic and more mid-tempo than before, but still they deliver nothing but pure rock 'n roll. The lyrics of Pete Evil have changed too and, like he puts it himself:

"I'm not that pissed off anymore..., Now I'm in love!"