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"Liaison de la Morte"

Anyone who has seen Cirrha Niva perform on stage, knows that this Dutch band does not only make music , but manages to evoke a world of mysticism and self-will. On the stage they are surrounded by life-like sculptures, floating, tormented faces, burning arms reaching out, an enormous back dropping and an attractive light show.
The concept has been written by poet and guitar player Rob Willemse and consists of seven chapters. The music of Liaison de la Morte , which varies from wide-ranging styles and atmospheres, has been composed collectively by the six band members. Progression is foremost and the musicians of Cirrha Niva combine rock and metal with bombastic symphonic arrangements, cinematic pieces, jazz, grooving rhythms, electronics and classical-like parts. The seven chapters gradually flow from one to the other, but they can be listened to as stand-alone pieces as well. Singer Arnold Kloek and bassist/singer Liselotte Hegt play the characters from the story:

…An old man longs for the piece and reunion that death will bring him. On October 31st (at midnight, the hour of ghosts), when the border line between the two worlds is at its thinnest, he yields to his desires with hoping to embrace His deceased wife. While dying, he sees a parade of dying people walking towards the underworld. The man finds himself in a limbo, between earthly life and death…Here he meets his deceased wife, who in spite of her seductions has malevolent ulterior motives for her former lover…
…The only one who triumphs is The Lord of the Underworld, a cynic and sarcastic person who rules the ignorant living and dying people. The Gate to Death is his property and no one is to escape!

Liaison de la Morte takes you in a whirlpool of vague memories, unearthly metaphors and ink-black romanticism. In a cryptic way, the age old drama of life and death, love and deceit, conflicts and desires, sorrow and joy is told.

This gloomy love story, combines horror and romanticism and is performed both vocally (in English and French) and visually, using costumes and choreography.
This 4th production of Cirrha Niva goes beyond musical and visual borders. A splendid décor and light show turn Cirrha Niva into genuine Art Rockers!

The album has been recorded in the Dutch Sing-Sing studio and produced by Milan Ciric and Cirrha Niva during the summer of 2001. In autumn and winter of 2001 Cirrha Niva will go on tour with this production.

Having been founded in 1993, years went by of changes in musicians, and official releases. It is a period in which Cirrha Niva developed into an ever more self-willed band, who managed to successfully move between musical and visual styles. The musical basis is still metal, but due to the wide-ranging musical interests and open-minded attitude of the band members, styles blend, like metal, film music, symphonic metal, progressive rock, jazz, electronics and ambient music, folk and percussion. This creates the typical Cirrha Niva sound. After the release of Enter the Future Exit, in between performances (with Skyclad, Lacuna Coil, Darkane, Soilwork) new material was being made.
In spite of this Cirrha Niva had decided to withdraw from the live-circuit temporarily, they were offered to do several performances with Planet X (Derek Sherinian, Tony McAlpine, Virgil Donati) and Within Temptation, which was a perfect opportunity. The band members longed for something fresh and new, and this was a wonderful chance to try out new material in front of a live audience. One of the new pieces inspired Cirrha Niva to an ambitious challenge: a concept album. The plan to record a mini CD "The Inner Perspective Surface" in spring 2001 was postponed to a later date.

Within eighteen months the idea of a few minutes of music developed into a theatrical, epic piece of fifty minutes, based on a text by Rob Willemse. The cooperation with sculpture designer Inge Steenhorst, as the invisible 7th band member, and her brother Tom Steenhorst, photographer and student to the academy for audio-visual art, resulted into a project in which a rockshow is supported by art and film.

This cross-over of rock music and art in an unusual theatrical setting makes Cirrha Niva with its audiovisual rockshow the band who embarks upon a new journey in the music branch in The Netherlands.
A unique combination of various disciplines within music and art, who invites the music fan to look at art and the art lover to listen to music.
The official announcements with the Stichting Fonds voor Amateurkunst and Stichting Brabant Pop (cooperating with Provincie Noord-Brabant) and various sponsors supporting the project, encouraged Cirrha Niva. Especially the last phase of the process, the band worked hard at details, cooperation with various guests musicians, artists, costumes and visual parts of the show.