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Hall of Sermon is known to support bands of their musical independence and quality, that’s the reason why we have contrac-ted the Swedish progressive-power metal band EVERGREY. The material from their second album which you have in your hands impres-sed us so much that we could not do otherwise than take this group under our wings in order to give them the ranking that their musical potential deserves.
The meaningful album title “Solitude*Dominance*Tragedy” makes pretty clear that the four Swedes are not going to serve up some easily digestible mainstream dish, but instead a soulful, carefully considered work from the first to the last chord. In contrast to the flood of releases from the progressive/heavy metal arena, this can be seen as a complete piece of work. It is in no way justified to describe it as “only” progressive metal or heavy metal, as the band demonstrates its ability to cover the complete spectrum of modern metal. EVERGREY are perfectly at home from the gloomy, sensitive and balladesque moments at the beginning to the last crashing power chord, and know how to surprise the listener again and again with exotic influences such as the oriental keyboard sequences in “Solitude within”, or from instruments rare in this genre such as the harp in “Words mean nothing”. None other than the King Diamond guitarist Andy La Rocque was signed up as the producer, and in eight weeks’ work with the band he has been able to give the album an enormous, power-ful and glass clear sound that leaves nothing to be desired, and above all allows the vocal performance of singer Tom S. Englund - which can certainly be described as outstanding - to achieve its ultimate development.
The lyrics come from the pen of the singer, who was also responsible for some of the guitar work and the entiere keyboard parts. The songs, which deal with serious subjects, such as the dark side of the human soul, are a long way from what is often encountered in this type of metal - fantasy macho or plain false themes - and they complete the picture of “Solitude*Dominance*Tragedy” in a way that can almost be described as brilliant. EVERGREY invites the listener on a journey through the dark, intensive and sensitive side of progressive-power metal...