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"Nice noizy toys"

Behind the name Dear there hides a talented 26 year old Danish one-man-army by the name of Laust Sonne.
Until now Laust has been best known as the drummer in Denmarks biggest rock band D:A:D, but with the debut album by Dear he is about to take another quantum leap in his musical career.
“Nice Noizy Toys” is a thrilling mix of glam rock, quiet beauty and clear cut rock ‘n’ roll written, produced and performed by Laust Sonne himself.

Sales points:
- Dear is a (long term) solo project from Laust Sonne – highly acclaimed new drummer in Denmark’s biggest rock band D:A:D.
- D:A:D have for some years now enjoyed international success in especially Germany, Japan, Sweden.
- The single “Love Rain” was one of the most played singles on Danish National Radio P3 in April-May.
- Stylish video for “Hypnotized”.
- Laust Sonne produced, composed, arranged and performed (almost) everything himself.
- Live Dear are a five piece band, who played this year’s Roskilde Festival.