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After three excellent demos praised in the Death Metal undergound worldwide, Sweden's hottest Death Metal band are now back with their debut album "Evilized". An album that goes to show that Impious are one of the most promising, no compromise Death Metal bands to emerge out of the Swedish underground for a very long time ....

Impious supremely violent debut album is an unholy blend of fiercly brilliant riffing, ultra brutal blasting drums, godcrushing vocals, catchy melodies and old school Thrash/Death Metal vehemence. This avalanche of different elements set Impious apart from other bands in the genre showing a new positive direction for sick, dark and fast metal.

"Evilized" was recorded at the legendary Sunlight Studios and was produced by Tomas Skogsberg (Entombed, Dismember ...) Needless to say, this relentless meltdown of a debut album will leave metal fans all over the world evilized for years to come. So check out this powerful release now and hail the new gods.