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IMPIOUS was formed by Valle Adzic (guitar) and Martin Äkesson (guitar/vocals) back in early '94. The band started up as a duo making songs along with a drum machine. There were big problems with finding a drummer, so a guy named Johan Lindstrand (who is the singer of The Crown) joined the band to play session drums. A short time after that Robin Sörqvist (bass) became a member. The purpose with having Johan as a session drummer was to record a demo and to spread the name around. Impious thougt that it would be much easier to find a permanent drummer if they were better known. In the summer of '95 Impious recorded their debut demo called "Infernal Predomination". lt was only sent to a few 'zines and the response were very good. Before and after the recording of "Infernal Predomination" Impious had the time to make some gig's with Johan. The band entered the stage for the very first time in May '95, to do a concert with Lord Belial.

In December '95 Impious recorded a song for a mini CD called "Vad Händer?". The CD was a compilation of four unsigned bands from Trollhättan. The song Impious recorded is called "Dominated By Tales" and can not be found on any demo.

After a while Johan went off to do the military service and Impious still couldn't find a drummer. Consequently Marko Tervonen (guitar player of The Crown) took over the part as session drummer and in April '96 the band recorded their second demo called "The Suffering". lt was recorded at Los Angered Recording, with Andy La Rocque of King Diamond as producer. The demo was sent to 'zines all over the world, and it got only extremely good response all over. Only a few days after the recording Impious finally found a drummer - Ulf Johansson. Impious finally became a band with a full line-up!

In May '97 Impious recorded their final tape, which is simply called "Promo '97". The recording will never be officially released, since Impious now is signed to Black Sun Records. In December '97 the band invaded the infamous Sunlight Studios (Entombed, Dismember etc.) to record their devastating and skull crushing debut album "Evilized".