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"11 orgies of massenjoyment on the dark side of the planet"

The good thing about an avatar is: it can adjust to any given state of mind of its creator. The creation we are dealing with here is provided with as many shapes and forms as there are titles on .enetics.

But first things first. An avatar is one´s own artificial self shaping, the chatters appearance on the net, to be made of any colour of hair, form etc. Avatars inhabit virtual cities, houses and bestow their maker personality in all anonymity of the internet.
There is more than enough anonymity in the music scene as well. Putting out a wide variety of characters at once instead of just one single transfer-picture, shows EverEve are more courageous though. EverEve is the avatar we are talking about, which personifies parts of each bandmember and doesn't waste any time mixing itself thoroughly to renew.

The richness of what has marked this band over almost seven mutual years is a challenge to the listener. Let's design ourself a virtual avatar, a duplicate of this variety, the Ever-tar. Playing with images is the name of the game! Watch a Nu-Metal freak covered in tattoos become a gentle Alternative Rocker and then again transform into a Cybertron in silver.

One single outfit would only restrict, suffocate and make this creature fall short. Listening to EverEve implies to be open minded about stylistic progress. Anyone who has been through a lot can confirm: Life can not be categorized.

The EverEve-avatar just stands there and refuses to go with the flow. It rears up this act of defiance by intonating "Along Comes A Fool" and brings the point across dark and heavy. The astonished listener takes a look around and wonders.

The skin of the spanish speaking "Abraza La Luz" has chesthair, wears unbuttoned shirts and has wild non-greasy black curls. That feels good, racy, warm and full of spirit. We're talking about a style that was going on way ahead of the watered down latino-pop-boom; real passion. The avatar is surrounded by thoroughbred latinas, hip-swing included.

When electronic pop jewels à la "Silvergod" errupt the speakers, this virtual being hits the sweat-soaked dancefloor and enjoys toying with technology, sounds and samples. The process of writing an album, creating songs is always somewhat of a genesis. At the same time, how far can you take it?

"How much is possible? How much freedom do we have?" is singer and lyricist MZ Eve 51 asking. He is twisting, turning and visualizing the thoughts he is playing with, driven and curious. To what degree is a decision self-supportive and what has genetic heritage got to do with it? .enetics, genetics, evereve- exactly!

Some gestures of the Ever-tar do remain the same in spite of this changing face, such as slight sarcasm and a touch of melancholy. Once lost in deep thoughts it will put the guitars aside or turn down the volume.

Rather touching is "Her Last Summer", making it's way through. This makes the bands manifold musical play of features become even more alive.

Music is feeling, not black or white and definitely not grey. Anger, fear, love, hate and sorrow. If all of that sounded the same, how credible would it be?

EverEve present us a small, self-created life with all different characters. It's up to the listener which one the avatar represents. The heart of the matter is charming, unique, authentic and despises any cliché.

.enetics is alive. (Tania Witte)